Virtual Office is a service provided to small business enterprises that forms an impression of a real office for their clients & partners and fulfils all functions of a real office.

The service of the Virtual Office offered to your enterprise include:

  • providing a legal address for registration of your enterprise in Vilnius in perpetuity for a single payment amounted to 100,00 € ;
  • providing a PO BOX in Vilnius. A client should only inquire about letters and come to take them in any convenient time on business days from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm;
  • services of a virtual administrator-secretary;
  • acceptance of correspondence;
  • sending your correspondence to you by a registered mail (for an extra charge) or its scanning and subsequent sending by e-mail;
  • services of a virtual manager.

 We provide a permit for on-line filing the Registered Address of an enterprise.

What enterprises the service “Virtual Office” is targeted to?

If at least one of the below-listed statements is fit to describe your enterprise, this service is targeted just to you!

  • to small enterprises that strive for saving money: the price of the service of Virtual Office is several times less as compared to the costs of maintenance of a real office;
  • to new enterprises that just started their activities: in the initial period of the activities, a real office may be unnecessary for them, so why should they throw their money away?

In addition, the number of employees required for a real office of a specific enterprise and other resources needed for it are not clear on starting the activities. They will be established only after an expiry of a certain period of successful activities of the enterprise, so we offer using the service of Virtual Office for the said period.

  •  to small enterprises where incorporators reside abroad  - when it is strived to form an impression that the enterprise is based and operates in Lithuania for its clients and partners;

 Instead of expensive hearing of employees, it is possible to order several times cheaper service of the Virtual Office. 

  •  to future businessmen that do not reside in Vilnius, but strive to form an impression that the enterprise is based in Vilnius for ensuring broad opportunities for them;
  • to enterprises that owners often go for official trips: in addition to saving the money by refusing a real office where they almost do not work, they will not miss any call or correspondence, because they will be informed about them.

The advantages of the Virtual Office:

  • The price. It is from 3,00 € (10,36 LTL) / month (sending to letters to a client)
  •  Confidentiality. We guarantee an absolute confidentiality, if any undesirable persons or institutions (such as inspectorates, debt recovery agencies and so on) would wish to access you. The Virtual Office will help you in avoiding undesirable visits.
  • Time. You’ll care about your business and we’ll care about its administering.
  • Broader opportunities provided by Vilnius as the place of business realization. If you reside abroad or in another town of Lithuania, but strive to form an impression that your activities take place in Vilnius – the Virtual Office is an ideal solution for you!